PhotoPost Pro 8.5 Released 4-25-2014

PhotoPost Pro 8.5 brings in some new features as well as any bug fixes as well as work on supporting newer versions of PHP which are coming out on people’s servers. The new features are listed below.

New Features:

-Updated WYSIWYG Editor
-Some Style Enhancements for the Standalone Styling
-Forum Post Limit so you can set a forum post count limit to prevent people from uploading photos before x amount of posts on your forum per usergroup.
-New Menu system added for Standalone and Forum Installs where menu is not integrated
-jQuery Image Overlay of image info can be turned on or off. For display purposes this feature works best with thumbnails over 175pixels.
- Added Ability for User’s to set a Language Preference to override Global Language setting.
-New Sidebar Options to set a display order so entire sidebar has been moved into its own function.
-Updates to vB5 integration to fix recent changes they have made to there integration.

/*.php ( Upload all php files except the 2 config files. )


You do have an upgrade script to run to update from 8.4 to 8.5. There are several directories noted you must upload in there entirety.

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