ReviewPost 6.0 Gold Released 8-17-2012

ReviewPost 6 is the latest generation of the leading product review software for vBulletin (and 23 other integrations, including a stand alone product) - complete with a completely redesigned interface with softer edges and a new framework for mobile devices. Included is a brand new plugin system which will allow you to include your own banner ads, html content or full featured php content into various locations without the application.

New features:

. New Plugin System
. New ReviewPost templates layout
. Improved AJAX features throughout
. Included for vBulletin 4 are plugins to include reviews content into your forum. All profile links will go to your forum where all reviews content will be listed.
. CSS Mobile Style Layout
. Social Integration Links
. Ability to set number of preview images
. Word Censor and Ban Lists added.
. Enhancement and expansion of the CAPTCHA System.
. Added Usergroup Permission whether to use Captcha or not.
. New Mail section in admin to where all mail settings and options are housed.
. New SMTP Mail option where you can set your smtp mail settings and send email from the program via SMTP instead of PHP mail.
. New Simplified Product Template Type Creation. It will create all templates and alternate language files needed. Likewise when you delete an add type all files associated with that language type will be deleted.
. Support for the new vb 4.2 navigation system
. Added in server date time set if empty in newer PHP 5 when it is required to be set.

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