PhotoPost Pro 8.1 released June 22nd, 2012

PhotoPost 8.1 has been released and continues to improve upon new featured released in the 8.0 series.

The mobile skin released in 8.0 has been completely reworked away from a framework solution to a completely separate set of templates that make for easy customization.

New features include:

. New reworked mobile interface for smartphone browsers
. Added new next prev image navigation arrows on showphoto.
. New Mail Settings and added support for SMTP mail.
. New Enhanced Captcha Setting in Usergroup Permissions to aid in the prevention of spam.
. Added Support for the new vbulletin 4.20 Navigation Manager.
. Added Support for the new php 5.1 and greater default timezone setting as alot of servers are being setup with this blank which will cause errors in php scripting as it needs to be set.

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