PhotoPost 8 released January 31st, 2012

PhotoPost 8 is the latest generation of the leading community photo sharing script for vBulletin (and 23 other integrations, including a stand alone product) - complete with a completely redesigned interface with softer edges and a new framework for mobile devices.

New features include:

. New gallery templates layout
. New mobile interface for smartphone browsers

. BANNED and CENSORED WORDS lists (to prevent posts or censor words)
. Added social sharing icons to showphoto
. Improved AJAX features throughout
. Improved contest features to use AJAX voting
. Some functionality (like ecards) has been removed to help deal with “code bloat” on features that appeared to get very little (if any) use.
. Included for vBulletin4 are plugins to include gallery content into your forum. All profile links will go to your forum where all gallery content will be listed.


A community photo gallery - - PhotoPost Photo Gallery
A Harley Davidson photo sharing community - Harley Alley

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