PhotoPost PHP Pro and vBGallery Licenses Merged

Effective 9/26/2007, the PhotoPost PHP Pro and PhotoPost vBGallery Licenses have been merged into one single license, but both products will continue to be available. What this means is that when you buy a PhotoPost license now, you can download either PhotoPost PHP Pro or PhotoPost vBGallery and choose which one to install on your site. The same licensing rules apply: only one install on one domain per license, you can’t have both running at the same time.

For those customers who bought PhotoPost PHP Pro before 9/26/2007, you will find that you can now see and download PhotoPost vBGallery from the members area. If there is enough demand, we will offer an import script to import your photos from Pro to vBGallery if anyone wants to switchover.

For those customers who bought PhotoPost vBGallery at $59 or $99 before 9/26/2007, we now offer an upgrade path to PhotoPost Pro. Simply Paypal us (email is orders at the difference in price between what you paid for vBGallery and the $129 cost of PhotoPost Pro, and we will issue you a Pro license which will let you download and install either Pro or vBGallery.

Note that if you own a vBGallery license and want to renew your members area access to download a new version of vBGallery, you can still do so.

For more on Pro features vs. vBGallery, please see the comparison thread and also the write-up on our product details page.

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